ME 2110: Creative Decisions and Design


  • Cheers to all student teams for all your hard work on Friday's competition. Final competition and design review results are now posted here. Corresponding grades for these items are to be posted on Canvas this week by section instructors/TAs. 
  • This week we will be returning mechatronics kits in studio, please ensure you have all items accounted for in the mechatronics inventory list. Any missing items must be replaced by end of semester to receive a grade for the course.
  • Competition Live Stream:
  • Videos are posted below by Dillon Wells and coworkers (Team Swaghetti Bois) and Abigail Gianis and coworkers (Team 24 Carat Black) from the SP19 competition. If your team has something like this, send it our way and we'll feature it. 

Course Video Updates

Final Match Video

Team Swaghetti Bois (SP19 Competition Trailer)

Team 24 Carat Black (SP19 Course Trailer)

Qualifying competition simulation

Moon orbit competition discussion

Shrink ray competition discussion

Competition advice from Carrie and Maia

ME2110 CNC Experience by Eddie Nguyen