ME 2110: Creative Decisions and Design


30 September 2020

Dear Team ME2110,
Hope your week is going well. Here are a few reminders/announcements going into Week 8.
1) Lectures posted. I have posted two recorded lectures, one from Laura Huffman (King and Spalding) on Intellectual Property and the other from Kentez Craig (Milwaukee Tool) on Industrial Product Development. The IP lecture has some great content to familiarize with patenting and legal issues which some of you might get engaged with in future entrepreneurial work or perhaps as a career for those of you interested in pursuing IP law as an ME. The Industrial Product Development lecture is a really cool insight into the same structured design processes that we have been using in this class as applied to real world products at Milwaukee Tool. You'll see FMEAs of industrial power tools, drop tests, product misuse tests, and a bunch of other cool things in this lecture.
2) Homework 4. Homework 4 (the last HW) is posted and is due on 07 October at 5PM COB. It is on using Cura, Job Control and Inkscape to answer questions about manufacturability. Your training done on fabrication software has prepared you for this assignment. If there are any questions, reach out and/or come to my office hours posted on the ME2110 site.
3) Final project. In terms of deliverables upcoming, next week (Week 8) you have a report and presentation due on the design for Sprint 1. Machine performance will be tested as in the following schedule in the coming weeks. Your studio instructors will be discussing the schedule with you in your studios.
  • Week 7 - Conceptual design presentation - presentation online
  • Week 8 - Sprint 1 presentation - presentation online
  • Week 9 - Sprint 1 build - open use of studio during studio section
  • Week 10 - Sprint 1 build - competition during studio section
  • Week 11 - Sprint 2 presentation - presentation online
  • Week 12 - Sprint 2 build - open use of studio during studio section
  • Week 13 - Sprint 2 build - competition during studio section
  • Week 14 - Final presentation - competition during studio section
Now that we are entering the build weeks it is important that your team uses time effectively in each week to construct your systems. A reminder that we have limited time available in studio for you to use various resources. Additionally, we have finished constructing the target zones. See attached for a picture of these. These are available in the IDEA laboratory for use. We also have made available ping pong balls and the PVC moneyball stand for use. To make startup a little easier, we are looking to provide at least one motor mount and one solenoid mount that you can use for prototyping as well. The CAD models for these are in the resources folder on the ME2110 website if you want to make them on your own. These should be available next week.
The time budget (slightly updated now that we know final teams) for open studio is posted online and is as follows:
  • Assembly/PC workstation time (28 hours/week/team, equates to 14 h/week for 2 team members using studio)
  • Laser cutting (1 h/week/team)
  • 3D printing (4 h/week/team)
The time budget during your regular studio section timing is as follows:
  • Assembly/PC workstation time (2.75 h/week/team)
  • Laser cutting (40 min/week/team)
  • 3D printing (2.75 h/week/team)
best wishes

Course Videos

ME2110 Fall 2020 Final Project Trailer

ME2110 CNC Experience by Eddie Nguyen

Team 24 Carat Black (SP19 Course Trailer)

Archived Announcements:

24 September 2020

Dear Team ME2110,
Hope you all are having a good week. A couple of announcements/reminders going into the weekend and into Week 7. Please remember to get tested weekly at a COVID screening site. From the latest data, GT seems to be doing well comparatively, thanks to efforts from the entire community and this class. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.
1) Motor selection lecture. A brief lecture on motor selection has been posted, motivated by Battlebots and given by Dr. Alexis Noel (GTRI, studio professor for Section A5). Dr. Noel gives some great examples of how you can make some simple calculations for your system in terms of the motor capacity for a specific torque application. This could potentially be useful if you incorporate analysis as part of the problem understanding report due next week, in the conceptual design section.
2) Final project. FYI, we have released and updated Final Project Description (rev. 2) with a few minor changes noted on the last page. Next week (Week 7) you have a report and presentation associated with the problem understanding for this project. Make sure to utilize the design tools that we have introduced in this class, HOQ to morphological chart for this report, to address the report requirements. Please note that in Week 8 you will need to present alternative designs and a preferred design, we have made CAD models of the mechatronics components available. Additionally, we have posted an FAQ that you can submit questions for clarification of rules. These will be answered as questions come in.
3) IDEA laboratory access and rules. If you are having any issues scheduling time on the IDEA laboratory resources using SUMS or accessing the kiosk with your Buzcard, please let your studio TAs know immediately so that we can resolve that issue. Additionally, we have made available 4 PC stations in the IDEA laboratory equipped with mechatronics kits for debugging code. This is meant to be only used for eliminating uncertainty that you might have with the hardware of your system. Do not swap out or take components from these workstations. They are video monitored. Any misuse or taking of components will be dealt with appropriately and affect stewardship grading elements.
best wishes

19 September 2020

Dear Team ME2110,
Hope you are all having a good weekend. Below are some announcements and reminders going into Week 6. Let me know if you have any questions, as always my office hours are 9-10AM Mondays (see for link). Please make sure to continue getting tested weekly at a GT screening site!
1) Final Project. Information regarding the final project has been posted on the main ME2110 website under studios (, including the detailed project description and description of the various deliverables (e.g., reports, presentations, builds). A video lecture introducing the project and discussing the project goals and details has been posted as well at: This week, Week 6, in studio is a brainstorming discussion with your studio professor and your teams during studio section. Week 7 there will be a report due associated with problem understanding for the final project.
2) Week 6.This week in studio is a brainstorming discussion. You should read the final project description ahead of studio to prepare for the discussion. Instructions for the studio brainstorming discussion activity has been posted at: This interactive studio should help to get most data needed for the report due in Week 7.
3) Homework 3. This has been posted on the ME2110 website ( It is due on Wednesday 23 September by 5PM COB.
4) Open studio hours. Just a reminder that IDEA Laboratory open studio is ongoing. Instructions for accessing open studio are posted on the main ME2110 website. Also, we are holding virtual office hours during these same open studio timings to help with various items, including mechatronics programming and also fabrication software tips etc. These office hours will be held by web meeting. Instructions for dialing into these virtual office hours are posted at:
5) Invention Studio training deadline. Just a reminder I sent out an email regarding training in the Invention Studio earlier last week. There is a deadline of October 1st for training on any equipment and I encourage you to inquire at the Invention Studio if you do anticipate using it this semester for this class or for anything else you are working on elsewhere. Relevant equipment might be the laser cutters there and the wood shop/room.
6) ASME job fair. The following announcement is from ASME. This fall our career fair will be hosted virtually through Career Fair Plus. Students will register for video appointments, during which they can network 1-on-1 with recruiters. Here are the event details. DateOctober 1, 2020 / Time12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. / Location: Virtual - Career Fair Plus app / Dress Code: Business Attire / Steps Prior to the Event: Download and create an account in the Career Fair Plus app: (1) RSVP to the Fall 2020 ASME @ Georgia Tech and Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering Virtual Career Fair. Do so by September 30 in order to have your resume featured in the Resume Look Book! (2) Register for appointments (max 1 appointment per company per student) starting on September 20, 2020 at 12:00 pm EST. Appointments are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis. However, you can schedule appointments up to and during the fair. (3) Upload your resume to your profile in Career Fair Plus.
Best wishes

13 September 2020

Dear Team ME2110,
Hope your weekend has been going well. I'm glad we could bring the course on campus for training for Mechatronics and Fabrication these past 2 weeks. I appreciate your patience and adherence with the mitigations we put in place. Again, please sign up for the NOVID phone application and get surveillance tested weekly at the GT screening locations. Here is some info going into next week (Week 5).
1) Lecture, Homework, Peer Evaluations and Introductory Project. Lectures are posted through product safety, this pertains to information needed for Homework 3 which has been posted and is due on 23 September. In your studio sections this week we have presentations and reports due for the Introductory Project. You will also be submitting peer evaluations for your team members.
2) Training Deliverables and Kits. You have training deliverables due this week and next according to the Studio 2A (Part 2) assignment description. This week, mechatronics task sheets should be completed. Next week your fabrication software tasks and fabrication assembly should be completed. You will be holding onto mechatronics kits and coordinating kit exchange return for your next teams virtually with your studio TAs. Please keep in mind that you are responsible for returning all kit items. If any components are lost or damaged due to negligence, you must replace them at your own cost.
3) Open Studio Hours. This week we are making the IDEA Laboratory available outside of section timings, we refer to these as open studio hours. The times have been posted to the ME2110 website ( Each of these open studio hours will be staffed by at least 2 TAs and make available tools and computers in the IDEA Laboratory for fabrication, assembly, and mechatronics related activities. As we discussed in the IDEA Safety Lecture (, access to the IDEA Laboratory during open studio requires reservation and following of laboratory access requirements (e.g., safety glasses, temperature check, face covering, closed-toe shoes, social distancing). The reservable resources are 24 workstations (at 12 tables), 5 Ultimaker 3D printers, and 1 Trotec Laser Cutter. You MUST be logged into one of these resources to be in the IDEA Laboratory during open studio hours. Reservations are made using SUMS ( Instructions for how to make these reservations, including team-level budget for available time, has been posted to the ME2110 website (
Let us know if you have any questions! 
best wishes
Chris Saldana

04 September 2020
Dear ME2110 Team, 
Hope you all had a good week and have a good holiday this weekend. It seems like training is going well, thanks to the TAs and to you all for your patience and work as we manage the studio training in this very different environment. As always, I highly encourage you all to sign up for the NOVID phone application and get surveillance tested weekly at the GT screening locationsHere is some info going into next week (Week 4). Please note that you must bring the laser cut pieces (i.e., platform, side panel) and mechatronics kit back to studio in Week 4 so your other group members can finish the training requirements.
1) Lecture, Homework and Introductory Project. Lectures are posted through technical communication. The technical communication lecture by Dr. Donnell will be useful for preparing reports for the introductory project. The lectures through concept evaluation cover all technical content needed for the introductory project. Homework 2 has been posted and is due on 09 September. At the start of studio in W4, you will be turning in draft figures for the Introductory Project for feedback from your instructors
2) Training locations and pairs/groups. As in W3we will be following protocols described in the safety lecture for W4 training (e.g., temperature checks, distancing, face coverings required). If you are scheduled to do fabrication, you must have appropriate attire (e.g., closed toe shoes for fabrication). For pairs doing fabrication in W4, you should have already downloaded the CAD files ahead of studio. For pairs doing mechatronics in W4you must bring your laptop with the Arduino IDE installed PRIOR to coming to studio, as well as download and install the Github libraries as explained in the Arduino Installation Instructions file. Also, your laptop MUST be able to connect to a USB Type-A connector. You must bring the laser cut pieces (i.e., platform, side panel) and mechatronics kit back to studio next week so your other group members can finish the training requirements.

3) Students in quarantine for W4. Please notify your instructor and TA as soon as possible if you need to quarantine next week. This is so we can modify assignments ahead of studio section and communicate any changes in our plans ahead of time to all students. Please keep in mind that if you are quarantining next week, you should still be available to attend studio section synchronously by Bluejeans if your instructor/TA asks you to for completion of any alternative virtual assignments.
Let me know if you have any questions.
best wishes

28 August 2020

Dear ME2110 Team, 
Hope you all had a good week. Here is some info going into Week 3, which is the start of our in-studio activity. It is critical you read carefully through this email and also your section's announcements for guidance on coming to studio next week so you know where to go and what to expect. Further, there is information below regarding what to do if you are in quarantine sometime during the next 2 weeks. As we discussed in lecture, I highly encourage you all to sign up for the NOVID phone application and get surveillance tested weekly at the GT screening locations. These two items are important to help to keep GT and our small community in this course more safe.
1) Safety Lecture, Homework and Introductory Project. Ahead of next week's studio, watch the safety lecture posted on the main ME2110 site. This lecture goes over COVID-related safety items and work-related safety items for machines you will be working with in training. The next two lectures on design tools have also been posted. Homework 1 has been posted and is due on 02 September. The Introductory Project has been posted and has deliverables that will be upcoming in the next 2-3 weeks.
2) Training locations and pairs/groups. We will be following protocols described in the safety lecture (e.g., temperature checks, distancing, face coverings required). Further, you will not be allowed to participate in training if you do not have proper attire as described in the safety lecture (e.g., face coverings for all activities, closed toe shoes for fabrication). Fabrication training will occur in the IDEA laboratory suite (MRDC2101). Mechatronics training will occur in MRDC4211. You must bring your laptop with the Arduino IDE installed PRIOR to coming to studio. Also, your laptop MUST be able to connect to a USB Type-A connector. Your studio professor/TA will be reaching out to notify you of your training pair/group assignment. Students within a training pair may work on the mechatronics assignment together as described in the in-studio training description, each will have their own Arduino and driver board. Students within a training group will share a mechatronics kit and must assemble the modular robot frame. Fabrication software tasks are to be completed individually. You must be to studio on time. The weekly schedule and tentative studio schedule are below.
3) Students in quarantine during W3/W4. If you are in quarantine in either W3 OR W4, we will NOT have you come in-person for training over both W3 AND W4. In this case, you will attend mechatronics training by virtual teleconference (Bluejeans, section TA to provide weblink) and will work with the other student in your training pair to complete the training assignment. This is expected to be a virtual collaboration. Regarding fabrication training, you will be asked to make that up at a future date with your section TA. It is critical that you let us know if you will be missing class due to a quarantine as soon as you hear so that we can prepare as best we can with in-person situation handling.
Let me know if you have any questions.
best wishes

21 August 2020
Dear Team ME2110,
I hope your first week has gone well. I have heard good things about how the first week has gone with the product dissection exercise. It's great to find actual product assemblies, if any of you have others you have come across, please do send them my way. Milwaukee Tool is about to give us one of the CAD assemblies for one of their power tools and I hope we can weave it into a discussion in lecture sometime in the upcoming weeks. I want to remind you of some upcoming details and give you information you need for next week. Please see below:
1) FREE safety glasses. We have received permission to buy each of you your own safety glasses! I need for each of you in A1-A10 to fill out this form ( to indicate if you want safety glasses that are normal wrap around glasses or are over-eyeglass frames. The deadline to fill out this form is Monday 24 August at 8AM. If we have not heard from you by then, you will be getting over-eyeglass safety glasses.
2) Software training. Next week's studio will involve software overview/training for several applications (i.e., Cura, Inkscape, Job Control, Arduino IDE, Github) that we will use for our class for fabrication and mechatronics starting in Week 3. The description for this activity is described on the main ME2110 website ( I highly encourage all of you to install the software ahead of your studio section next week so you can learn along with your section instructional team as they open the various software and describe functionality, hotkeys, and workflow. The studio description provides instructions for installation and configuration of several of these software. There will be deliverables upcoming associated with using the software, as described in the studio description. FYI I heard several students could not access ME-2020 virtual machine to access Solidworks 2020-2021. ME IT has fixed this issue, let me know if it persists.
3) Introductory project. The introductory project has been released to the main ME2110 website ( It is a group project involving a conceptual design problem and is due in Week 5 (15-18 September), with an intermediate deliverable in Week 4. Your studio section will be discussing this next week. It is critical you stay up to date on recorded lectures and slides ( that have been posted on the main ME2110 website as these go over the design tools needed to be used for the project.
4) Virtual product dissection report. This is due next week in studio per the handout ( Please pay attention to the guideline for the assignment in terms of formatting and layout of the report. The key here is for your team to put together a professional-style document. The sections that we have laid out for the report should help you do that, as well as the guidance for each of those sections. If you have any questions about writing style and content, please feel free to ping myself, your studio professor, or consult the reference book for the class for some tips and pointers. This is due at the start of your studio next week.
5) COVID-19 mitigation. As always, please make sure to monitor your health and follow with GT's recommendations for reducing your risk. We will be entering the laboratory starting week after next (Week 3), and I highly encourage you to exercise good caution so that we can limit the impact to yours and everyone's ability to come in and learn about fabrication/mechatronics.
FYI my office hours are 9-10AM on Mondays at Have a great weekend!
best wishes

12 August 2020

Dear ME2110 students,
A hearty welcome back to you all. Stay tuned for important information regarding ME2110 startup in the first week of class starting on 17 August. We will have recorded lectures and studio sections meeting this week. Studio sections will be meeting virtually by BlueJeans or MS Teams for the first two weeks of the semester. Your studio professor will be reaching out with those details. I have sent the below information to all students by email.
1) Course Components. We will have a mixed delivery mode for this course with two major components. First, we have the primary lecture section for the course, listed as Section A in your schedule, which I will be in charge of this term. This section will consist of online asynchronous (i.e., pre-recorded) lectures and will provide the homework assignments and studio projects. Second, we have the studio sections for the course, listed as one of Sections A01-A10 in your schedule, which will have one of the instructors at the end of this email as your studio professor. These sections will consist of a hybrid mixture of online/in-person synchronous modes and will be responsible for all grading elements. Grade-related and attendance-related matters should be raised with your studio section professor. It is absolutely mandatory that you attend these studio section times and that you attend these on-time as scheduled. In-person activities for studio sections will be limited to fabrication-only elements and the tentatively planned schedule is listed at the bottom of this email. Each of your studio instructors will be reaching out to your section directly by email to coordinate virtual meeting locations for the first two weeks.
2) Asynchronous Course Elements (primary lecture). I will be posting pre-recorded lectures (and slide content) every week at the main ME2110 website: It is critical that you review these lectures as they are released, since these correspond to review of concepts directly related to the project activities that you will be doing in studio sections, as well as quiz-based assessments that you will also be completing. The first several lectures are posted on the website.
3) Synchronous Course Elements (studio sections). For online synchronous activities, we will utilize the BlueJeans app and Microsoft Teams. Both of these must be installed before your studio section this coming week. For in-person synchronous activities, we have significantly modified our laboratory operations to mitigate factors associated with COVID-19. These include capacity-limited, reservation-only access, as well as a mixture of physical barriers, equipment/workstation distancing, floor markings, non-contact temperature checks, and required face coverings. Further, build activities will incorporate primarily digitally-enabled fabrication methods. We will discuss these details before in-person laboratory operations commence in Week 3. If you have any questions at all about in-person activities that you'd like to discuss before that, feel free to contact me directly or come to my office hours 8AM-9AM Mondays, as listed on the main ME2110 website: I ask that all of you review Georgia Tech's return to campus website ( for information regarding GT's policies and procedures for this semester.
4) First Week's Studio Section. We have studio sections (A1-A10) meeting virtually this week at your scheduled studio time by teleconference! Your studio professor will reach out with the BlueJeans teleconference details for your section. You must attend your studio section and be on time, we cannot make up studio sections due to the group-based nature of this course. This week's studio is entirely online and involves group work with other students in your studio section. It is important that you test your microphone and camera for this first studio session. The assignment involves manipulation of a CAD model in SolidWorks. You should have SolidWorks 2020 installed before studio or able to access via myCloud (preferably the former) to facilitate this assignment and you should download the CAD files to be opened that are listed here:
5) Please Fill Out this Form. The form is located at this link: It only takes 2-3 minutes to complete and this will be useful for our team to capture some data that will help us to plan for the semester. Also, if you'd like to include a photo as part of a class photo montage (optional), you can do that here as well.
best wishes,
Chris Saldana
Lead Instructor (ME2110 FA20)