Big Competition Q&As

Here are some questions and answers related to the big competition:


1. Can the boulders be pulled back to the starting zone or the 2x4 no man's land?
  The starting zone is not part of the habitat area, and so would count as clear. The ramp is part of the habitat area and does not count as clear. The 2X4 is not part of the habitat area, and will count as clear.
2. What will the orientation of the boulders be?
  The orientation of items on the course cannot be guaranteed. You should be prepared for a range of orientations. It is most likely that the staff will set the boulders with the longest dimension being left to right. BUT, we are only human and can't set them perfectly in any orientation.
3. Does the habitat include the egress zone?
The landslide zone is not part of the habitat area.
4. Does the volume of air above a zone count as part of the zone?
Yes. If an object is above the area marking a zone, it is in the zone.
5. We have a mechanism that might block other teams from center. Is that ok?
No. You cannot block other teams from depositing spacecraft or otherwise reaching the center tasks.
6. What if a rover or astronaut is partially on the mountain, but also partially in the home zone?
No points will be awarded for rovers or astronauts partially on the mountain ridge.