Homework Assignments and Canvas Assessments

I. Homework:

HW #1 (due 22 January 2020 at 5PM on Canvas)  
HW #2 (due 29 January 2020 at 5PM on Canvas) - updated at 430PM on 1/22  
HW #3 (due 12 February 2020 at 5PM on Canvas)  
HW #4 (Fabrication and Inspection Sheet of Studio 2a)  

All assignments must have a cover sheet that is labeled with your name, section instructor, section TA, and section time. All assignments are due at 5PM on Canvas (unless otherwise specified). Late work is NOT accepted.

II. Assessments:

Assessment #1 (due 5PM on 01/13/2020, posted on Canvas)  
Assessment #2 (due 5PM on 01/27/2020, posted on Canvas)  
Assessment #3 (due 5PM on 02/03/2020, posted on Canvas)  
Assessment #4 (due 5PM on 02/10/2020, posted on Canvas)  
Assessment #5 (due 5PM on 03/02/2020, posted on Canvas)  

All assessments are released on Canvas and are due at the marked date and time. These automatically close after that time expires and cannot be reopened.