Additional Resources

Peer Evaluation Form

Informed Consent Form

IEEE Formatting Style and Reference Citation Guide (PDF)

House of Quality Template (Excel) - Reference: C. Battles. (2011, May). QFD House of Quality Template. Schrodinger's [Online]. Available: *Note that you do not need to use the benchmarking sections of the template. 

House of Quality Template (Excel) - corrected version (23 January 2017)

House of Quality Guide (Courtesy of Dr. Telenko)

Patent Search Tutorial

The Functional Basis available from SUTD. Appendix B, pg 28 provides explanations of functions, Table 5 on pg 40 displays the functions without explanations.

Bill of Materials (BOM) Template

Project Management Tools Quick Start Guide

The Ingenious Design of the Aluminum Beverage Can Video

Assembly of IBM Printer Video

Patent Troll Podcast Part 1 (NPR, This American Life)
Patent Troll Podcast Part 2 (NPR, This American Life)

General Motors and Toyota Joint 1984 Venture, New United Motor Manufacturing Inc. (NUMMI)