Studio Assignments

Studio 1: Spaghetti Structure Design Assignment

Week 1

Studio 2a: Machining and Mechatronics*

Optional Motor Mount Drawing

Studio 2b: Design Introductory Project

Week 2-4

Studio 3: Big Design Project 

MouseTrap Replacement: McMaster Link (Part #7552T44)

RubberBand Replacement: Staples Link (Universal Size #64)

Final competition seeding

Project Reports and Presentations

Other Material of General Interest


Week 5-10

*Note: these files are representative nominal dimensions, you must account for track variances.


All assignments must be labeled with your name, section instructor, section TA, and section time. When doing group work, all names must be on the assignment and each group member will receive the same grade. All assignments are due at the beginning of class or studio. Late work is NOT accepted.  Your studio participation grade will be determined by the instructor’s view of your participation in group activities and by peer reviews.